Representation is

How did you first get interested in your field?
Did you see a doctor on TV, or read a book about an artist?
Did you read an article about a graphic designer, or see a movie about a paleontologist?

Did you see yourself in that person?

Authentic representation opens minds and opens doors.
It shows what is possible.

Yet so much Deaf representation is not authentic.

Those who haven’t had any experience with Deaf people may come away from watching a TV show that features a Deaf character with the idea that Deaf people have sad lives and should be pitied. Or they may read about a Deaf character who is able to understand absolutely everything via lipreading, with no apparent effort, and get frustrated if a real-life interaction does not go the same way.

And what about the Deaf kids seeing non-authentic representation? How does that affect their self-image, their sense of possibility?

It’s vital to have representation, and vital for that representation to be authentic. #DeafinMedia is about addressing the negatives and applauding the positives, offering ways for creators to learn more, and tools for everyone to contribute to a better understanding.

#DeafinMedia is a dialogue.

We want to get your insights and your questions, your requests and your incredible finds.

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